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Small Containers

The right solution for the collection and transport of your wastes

  • Auditing and consultation – optimization of waste management
  • Customized collection – adapted to your activity.
  • Regulatory compliance – of equipment and procedures.
Our teams will assist and advise you on the optimization of the sorting and collection of your wastes (types of waste, appropriate containers, frequency and optimization of collections, etc.)
Collection of wastes from your business at a frequency which is appropriate to your operations and to the configuration of premises. Appropriate and customized signage : sorting guide, description of wastes, information notices, etc.. Provision of collection equipment which is appropriate to each type of waste (hazardous or non-hazardous)
Correct identification : labels with pre-entered mandatory references to be affixed to all storage containers. Regulation collection of wastes using a vehicle which is appropriate for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR)
Computerized management using an integrated and high-performance ERP system, but also via a client portal, where tonnages of wastes collected, tracking documents, invoices etc. can be accessed at any time. Real-time traceability delivered by the chipping of our skips and a geolocation system for our vehicle fleet…

BUSINESSES: We can also provide a comprehensive on-site service for the management and collection of wastes on your premises, delivered by our delegated management service. If your personnel require training, the Pena Group has professional training facilities for waste management trades.

PUBLIC AUTHORITIES : we can undertake the management of municipal waste facilities on your behalf (delegated management service), or we can train your personnel.

Skip and Large Containers

The Pena Group provides a skip hire service for both professionals and private individuals. Appropriate containers for your wastes can be made available, whether on an occasional or a regular basis.

Bennes ampliroll Ampliroll skips Exists in 8, 15, 20, 30, 35 and 40m3 Closed dump option Watertight dump option Location de benne Ampliroll Bennes camions multibennes Lifting container truck skips Exists in 2.5, 6 and 12m3 Closed dump option : 12m3 Watertight dump option : 12m3 Multibennes Option with door : 6m3 Bacs pélican Pelican trays Option customization of the lid color Lock option Exists in 3 and 5 m3 Pelican Monobloc Monoblock compactors Exists in 15 and 20m3 Compacteur monobloc Poste fixe Stationary compactors Exists in 30m3 Compacteur fixe Bennes event Vent skips skips with cladding : ideal for public events Benne Event bennes spec Specific skips Closed bins plastic hood Benne Specifique Tipper closed sliding hood Tipper closed hydraulic hood...

Small Containers

BACS bio dechets et spa Bins for bio-waste and animal by-product Exists in 120, 240 L ( 2 wheeled ) and in 750, 1100 L (4 wheeled) Drawbar Fork passage Specific opening options Option customization of the lid color Bac biodechets futs de 60 à 220l Containers 60 to 220L Plastics or metal ADR or non-ADR Futs de déchets Dangereux With bung or total opening Bidons de 20 à 30l Cans 20 to 30mL ADR Bidons Marqués Caisses étanches Watertight cases Exists in 55, 760 and 1400 L ADR and non-ADR Caisses Etanches Caisses grillagés Mesh boxes Exists from 1000 to 2000 L Caisse Grillagée Type of waste : WEEE, windshield, bumpers... Transicuves Intermediate bulk containers Exist only in 1000 L ADR and non-ADR Transicuve Big bag Big Bags Exists in 1 and 2m3 Big Bag ADR and non-ADR Spécial Specialist Tubes, neon lights, batteries, amplifiers,... Piles


Slide Ampliroll trucks With or without trailer Camion Ampliroll Slide Chain skip loaders With or without trailer Camion Multi-benne Slide Jumbo Jumbo Slide Grapple truck With or without trailer Camion à Grappin Slide Hatchback truck With or without trailer Camion Hayon Heavy truck or light vehicle Slide Sewer cleaner truck Camion Hydrocureur Slide Moving-floor semi-trailer Camion FMA Slide Animal by-product tipper truck Camion Sous Produits Animaux With or without trailer