For over 60 years, businesses in the Pena Group, a family-owned industrial group from the Aquitaine, have maintained their pioneering status in the field of waste recycling, and in their environmental approach.

Every day, we find a fresh use for over 1,700 tonnes of wastes. Whether industrial or domestic, hazardous or non-hazardous, your wastes can be collected and processed in order to reduce their impact on the planet to a minimum.

93%, this is our average recycling rate in secondary materials or in SRF, Solid Recovered Fuel, a real alternative energy

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recycling rate thanks to the recovery of materials and energy through SRF, a low carbon emission energy
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Every day, the Pena Group processes 1,000 tonnes of wastes. This represents over 430,000 tonnes per annum, or the equivalent in weight to 290 elephants
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Recycling is not an outsourceable business. The Pena Group helps to support the local French economy
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The Pena Group is comprised of 10 sites which carry ICPE classification: Classified Installations for Environmental Protection, which are subject to numerous regulations for the prevention of environmental risks.

We recycle all waste from professionals in Gironde, Aveyron, Guyana and Tunisia