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The “Eco-responsible Workshop” commitment charter

This charter, jointly signed by the CNPA (the French national council for motor trades), establishes broad policy guidelines for the management of wastes generated by motor vehicles.

In order to meet the environmental dictates incumbent upon manufacturers, your wastes should be managed by an approved professional ; the Pena Group supports professionals in the automobile sector in the achievement of their commitments for the reduction of the environmental impacts associated with their activities.

By the signature of this charter, the professional concerned undertakes as follows :

  • To observe regulations and the traceability of wastes ;
  • To optimize sorting ;
  • To identify to best locally-available outlets for recycling, under economically acceptable conditions ;
  • Not to mix hazardous and non-hazardous wastes ;
  • Not to undertake the burning of wastes

Mechanics, bodyshop engineers, automobiles specialists

The Pena Group can provide an overall service for the management of your wastes, whether hazardous or non-hazardous :

Aerosols, batteries, thinners, paints, lenses, soiled materiels, scrap metals, shock-absorbers, oil, filters, windscreens…