Investissement on the CSR line This investment of 1.5 million euros triples online productivity and achieves a production of 15 tons / hour to meet high demand. Since 2005 and the construction of the first line in France to manufacture Substitution Fuel from Recycling, the CORIS team, from Péna Métaux, has constantly improved the quality [...]


Patenting of a processing technology for household refuse. Filing of a patent for the "AROM" technology, involving a processing line for household refuse. Developed on the basis of a number of years of study, this technology initially permitted the recycling of over 80% of our household refuse. Today, this figure is as high as 85%.


Acquisition of the company MAGNEN. Acquisition by the Pena Group of the company MAGNEN, located in the north of Gironde. This company specializes in the recovery of scrap metal, and also operates a corporate waste management facility.


Acquisition of the company DECHETS SERVICES 12 The company DECHETS SERVICES 12, located in Villefranche de Rouergue (Aveyron), joined the Pena Group. This company specializes in the collection of wastes, composting, the recycling of metals such as paper, card and metals, and the processing of hazardous wastes. It also delivers sanitation and drainage services.


Production of a substitute fuel, SRF Driven by the conviction that vast tonnages of non-hazardous wastes unnecessarily end up as landfill, Marc Pena opened the CORIS production line for Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) on the Merignac site (33). A pioneer in this field, the company has developed partnerships with consumers of SRF.


Establishment of Pena Amendor. Establishment of the AMENDOR design office, and initial sales of composting plants. Provision by AMENDOR to order-placers of waste processing technologies developed and applied by the Pena Group: Adonis - composting technology, CORIS - production of SRF, Solid Recovered Fuel, a substitute fuel, AROM - recycling of household wastes.


2002 Patent for composting. Filing by Marc Pena of a patent for the ADONIS composting technology

Hazardous wastes

Establishment of a platform for the consolidation of hazardous wastes. The Pena Environment site at St Jean d'Illac began operating as a platform for the consolidation of hazardous wastes. Collected, sorted and consolidated in accordance with a detailed type specification, hazardous wastes are then dispatched to recycling or disposal centres.

New companies

Establishment of the companies PENA METALS and PENA ENVIRONMENT Marc Pena, the son of Gilbert Pena, took over the reins of the family-run business, and renamed it as PENA METALS. At the same time, he established the company PENA ENVIRONMENT, specializing in the overall management of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. Against this background, the same [...]

Non-hazardous wastes

Development of the collection of General Industrial Wastes (GIW) In the 1980s, the company embarked upon a process of diversification into environmental operations, specifically involving the collection of non-hazardous wastes.

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