Procedure for the management of asbestos-bearing wastes.

Reference terms applied are as follows :

Firmly-bound asbestos : wastes comprised of asbestos in combination with other materials, generated by works associated with reinstatement and demolition operations (asbestos panels, asbestos cement, pipes and ducts, etc.).

Loosely-bound asbestos : friable wastes, waste materials and equipment used during enclosure, fixing and flock removal operations, etc. (debris, single-use personal protective equipment, rags, tarpaulins, etc.).

PAC – Preliminary Acceptance Certificate.

Identification of waste producer (client or owner)

Identification of works contractor

Declaration of type of asbestos

⇓ Acceptance of quote

⇓ Registration of application

Completion of Account Opening Form

Receipt of blank Asbestos Waste Tracking Form (AWTF) for completion

Completion of AWTF – Asbestos Waste Tracking Form

Hazardous Waste Tracking Form for asbestos-bearing wastes

AWTF – Asbestos Waste Tracking Form

To be returned by E-mail or by post :

Signed by the waste producer (client or owner) AND by the works contractor

Entry of seal numbers

Taking of photographs

⇓ Removal

Déchets confiés à l’exutoire

Retour du BSDA

BSDA signé et validé

Annexe de l’exutoire

Annexe 1 (en cas de transit)

Remplissage du BSDA – Bordereau de suivi des déchets d’amiante

Bordereau de Suivi des Déchets Dangereux contenant de l'amiante

All items are mandatory. It is essential that all items should be completed. The collection of asbestos-bearing wastes can only be executed if all documentary formalities have been completed correctly.


Client or owner of waste

Date / Signature

Stamp (for professionals)


Works contractor

( must be completed a second time, if identical to the client or owner of waste )

Date / Signature




Date / Signature




Seals number

Mandatory in the case of loosely-bound or firmly-bound asbestos for delivery to a type 1 Final Waste Disposal Site


In the event of multiple seal numbers, these should be entered here