The business of the Pena Group, a family-owned industrial group form the Aquitaine, is the recycling of industrial and household wastes.

The Pena Group delivers solutions for the recycling of wastes generated by all its clients.

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This is our average recycling rate: 85% for household wastes, 90% for other types of wastes, and up to 95% for WEEE, or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
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Every day, the Pena Group processes 1,000 tonnes of wastes. This represents over 240,000 tonnes per annum, or the equivalent in weight to 25 Eiffel Towers.
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Recycling is not an outsourceable business. The Pena Group helps to support the local French economy.
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The Pena Group is comprised of 10 sites which carry ICPE classification: Classified Installations for Environmental Protection, which are subject to numerous regulations for the prevention of environmental risks.

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Partenaire depuis près de 15 ans, nous avons choisi de travailler avec le Groupe Péna pour leur vision avant-gardiste du recyclage des déchets. Leurs technologies de pointe nous permettent de valoriser les encombrants et les ordures ménagères de notre Communauté de communes de 20.000 habitants.